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Order a website in Ashgabat


Order a website in Ashgabat

Website development project in Turkmenistan

Business websites-visiting cards in Ashgabat for entrepreneurs and companies

The main goal of the project

Creation of an Internet representation of a company or entrepreneur of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.


There are three basic steps to getting an online business card. BEST SOLUTION FOR SMALL BUSINESSES


Prices for website development in Ashgabat


What is needed for work

Domain Name - the address of the future site on the Internet (we will help you to select and register a Domain for your passport data). - 800 manats.


Send us electronic materials for 4-8 pages (logo, contact information, text about the company, a list of services or products, other texts, photos and pictures of good quality in a wide format, you can Price lists, Word documents, Presentations).


We create a Business website (for personal or corporate use) and register with Google's Webmaster Tools (from 1 to 8 static pages) - 3000 manats.


Total 3800 manats


If you need to make a multilingual site, then


I can make an identical version in other languages ​​(English, Turkmen) - translations from you and an additional payment of 1500 manats for each language


If you need more than a business card site


We create a news blog for publishing articles and recommendations on the use of your products (goods, services, etc.) - in a subdomain - 1000 manats. (like https://blog.vizitkatm.ru).


I will help # create a Business website in Google - only the first setting and a link to a Business card website (works great in conjunction with a business card website) - 1000 manats (you can publish here services and goods, news, promotions, promo materials, etc.) ). (like https://vizitkatm.business.site).

We will set up the Organization Card in the Yandex Tools Directory with a link to the Main business card site (we recommend creating Business Pages on Social Networks, then informing us the links, we will register them in the Yandex Card), we will register links to the site pages, and then show how add short publications, and put links on articles from the Blog - 500 manat.


We will help you create lightweight, fast, selling Turbo sites for pumping your online business. Turbo sites in Yandex. Direct are suitable for solving various tasks - from creating a full-fledged online store with many products to your company's business card site on the Internet. If you trust us to do it - from 1 to 3 thousand manats. (example https://vizitkatm.turbo.site).

Создание сайта-визитки для Бизнеса

Creation of a business card website for Business

Biznes üçin wizit kartoçkasynyň web sahypasyny döretmek

https://www.vizitkatm.ru Сайт на русском языке


https://en.vizitkatm.ru/  Website in English


https://tm.vizitkatm.ru/ Türkmen dilinde web sahypasy


Звонить на Русском 680945, 672880

Türkmenlere jaň ediň +99363944265

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